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The House On a Mermaid Point by Wendy Wax


This latest book featuring the "Do-Over Ladies" is a summer must read! All of the ladies are on the set of their newest reality show home makeover and the owner, ex- bad boy Rock and Roll Legend William Hightower, just fresh from rehab is not at all welcoming. "William The Wild" as he was once called, is hiding from life, his fans that still adore him and trying to forget his more than troubled past. Maddie had a huge crush on him when she was a teenager, I love the interaction between these two characters, you can actually feel the heat between them! William Hightower is my all time favorite character created by Wendy Wax, so a big thank-you to Wendy for creating Will, when you read this book you will understand what I mean, I may have a crush on him too!

This is a great book to read by the pool, I actually did that and could not put this book down, take to the beach or just read it wherever you can. This series is by far one of my all time favorites to date, the story line is fresh and the characters have grown even more endearing and interesting with each new book in this series . There is also a surprising twist to the end of this book.

Happy Reading, this is not a book to miss out on.

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