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Beach Town - Mary Kay Andrews

I wait every year for a new release from Mary Kay Andrews and every year as I am finishing her new book I get a bit sad because the setting , story and characters that I have grown to like have ended their story:( Does any one else ever feel like that? I am always  happy when there is a series, then I know that the story will continue, at least for a while……

The setting of the book Cypress Key was pictured in my mind as pretty but old- fashioned looking buildings but pretty with the ocean near by how could it not be picturesque. As I was reading Beach Town I imagined myself in Cypress Key. I can always tell when I become attached to a book by the way I imagine myself in the setting of a book.

Greer, the main character , has Daddy issues so unfortunately for her she just cannot seem to find the right man…..yet. What did I like about Greer? Her strong personality and work ethic, also her loyalty to her friend Ceejay who will sometimes put a man first before friendship, one of my personal pet peeves! The one tiny criticism of Greer for me was her refusal to look at the situation (at first) regarding her father, from his point of view (at the time of his departure from her life). That was my one tiny criticism. The character if this were Survivor, that I would send packing? Hands down Bryce! This story meets all of my criteria for a favorite book

  1. A  main character that I want to have a glass of wine with.
  2. A sleepy and/or picturesque setting
  3. A character that I just have to hate!
  4. And lastly, sad that the story is over
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